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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Local People Who Care About the Ribble and Local Councils who Don't

Since neither Preston City Council nor South Ribble Borough Council have consulted local residents about the proposed barrage and development on our Green Belt, we have decided to provide an opportunity for residents to air their views. Here is a sample of the comments we have received so far, please keep them coming in to

Evie said...
As a resident of Leyland Road for all my life, I know the true beauty of the ribble. I am 13 but I still understand how important the river and it's wildlife is. But also while me and my father were discussing this we noted some things:1) The fact our homes would be back on the floodplain, and therefore insurance would cost more, or we may not get insurance against flood damage2) Penwortham holme- the popular place for children's football team could become houses or a floodplain3) All the remaining beauty of our area (I.E. the fields popular with dog walkers) would become new homes. Now yhat's destorying beauty. I seriously hope that other residents help with this cause too- The should delevelop Preston from the inside out- not the outside in.
Evie Age 13
PS The Mudbanks descibed as 'ugly' seem to give my two springer spaniels Maggie and Murphy plenty of joy and very muddy coats!!

I'd be interested to know how all the political parties stand on the development proposed. After all they have the power to stop the development. The river and the surrounding green belt land should remain undisturbed. The last thing we need is more 'new builds', as for developing the river at what cost to the wildlife, this plan should remain a plan and go no further.
Ian Scott,

“I have lived by the river in Frenchwood for over twenty years. We moved here, despite the possible flood risk, because we enjoy the changing pattern of the seasons; the bird and wildlife which the tides bring twice a day; and the sense that, although we're close to the city centre , we are linked to the rhythms and flows of nature. Very many local people and visitors share this profound pleasure.
It is dismaying that, for the sake of developers' profits, the peaceful and much loved riverside should be damaged utterly for ever. It's especially upsetting that Lottery money might be used to reinforce this destruction. Local residents simply have not been asked what we think.”

Is THIS a good place to build offices and houses?

“The river and the fields beside it is Preston's unappreciated treasure, a place for quiet walks and watching wildlife.. its unique so close to the city centre to have redshanks, goosanders and even a tawny owl.. Destroying this would be a crime..”

“Apart from despair at what some people in Preston Council want to do to the River and its environment I feel really angry about the secrecy of the Officers and the uselessness of elected Councillors in understanding what is going on.One Councillor said something along the lines of 'trust me we are not planning to concrete over the area South of the River'. Yet the plans show that is exactly what the Officers want to do.Trying to drag information out of the Council is almost funny.The whole approach is a bit like the fancy brochure they are sending out when what you want are hard facts. It says one thing but means another.”

“It’s the worst thing anyone could ever do because the birds will have nowhere to live.”


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