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A blog dedicated to preserving the beauty and delicate ecosystem of the River Ribble, and opposing the Riverworks 'vision' to build a barrage on our River and develop on our riverbanks, floodplains and green spaces, causing damage to wildlife and the environment and increasing the risk of flooding to our homes. Save the Ribble Campaign is not responsible for the content of external blogs or websites which link here.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Journalists and Bloggers - Our Policy on Using Material From This Site

To Journalists, Bloggers, and People who wish to submit material to our blog:

'Save The Ribble' is a community campaigning blog, the first in Lancashire and one of the first in the UK. We think the tremendous success of our blog will mean that there will soon be many more local campaigns that use blogging as a method of promoting their cause.

Our blog contains a wealth of material that could be useful to journalists reporting on the 'Riverworks' proposals, and interesting to other bloggers, including many excellent photographic images of the River Ribble, and of Ribble wildlife. As a campaign, we want to raise awareness of the contents of the Riverworks proposals and of the beauty of the Ribble, and the countryside around it, under threat from these development ideas.

Many local people are offering us pro-river photos, stories, poems and other material that they think will help us in our campaign against the Riverworks barrage and housing plans - anyone offering us such material needs to be aware of our policy on the use of photographs and other material from this site, as do journalists wishing to report on our campaign and bloggers who want to talk about our work on their own blogs.

Here is our policy on using photographs and other material from this site:

Journalists and Bloggers may use single photographs and unlimited quotations from text posted on this blog PROVIDING:
1. The 'Save The Ribble' Blog is clearly credited as the source of the material
2. They publish the URL of this blog ( ) in the article (in a newspaper), or a link to this blog (in a blog/website).
3. The use of the material is solely for the purpose of reporting on the 'Save The Ribble' Campaign, or issues affecting the River Ribble, it's wildlife and the people who live nearby. Permission is NOT granted for any other purpose. (If in doubt, please contact the editors of this blog at ).

This policy applies ONLY to images and words on this blog

Warning! The other blogs and websites we link to may well have a different attitude to using their material - check with them first!

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