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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Ribble Campaigners Message To Councillors

Following the enormously successful protest walk along the banks of the River Ribble, to launch this blog and show the depth of residents opposition to the ideas in Preston City Council's 'Riverworks' proposals, we sent a mass email to councillors in Preston City Council, South Ribble Borough Council and Lancashire County Council.

This is the letter we sent:
Dear Councillor,

Local residents of Preston, South Ribble, and other communities along the Ribble corridor are concerned about proposals being considered under Preston City Council’s Riverworks Project to build a barrage or weir on the River Ribble, and develop on green belt/floodplain in Penwortham (“Central Park” development).

Local residents have launched a website as a forum where they can access information, and voice their concerns about these proposals and their love for the River Ribble and adjoining green spaces at .

Many residents are concerned that some of the ideas in Preston City Council’s Riverworks “vision” are being considered as options for the future of the River Ribble and our green spaces, options which could have far-reaching implications throughout the Ribble corridor.

On Sunday afternoon (14th May 2006), despite the rain, more than 80 residents from both Preston and South Ribble celebrated the launch of the Save The Ribble community blog with a community walk alongside the Ribble and through the green spaces in Penwortham at risk of development. We are emailing all local Councillors in the Ribble corridor to ensure that you, as elected representatives, are aware of local residents’ concerns regarding the developments being considered for our River, and our local environment.

Local residents feel concerned:
a) that a barrage or weir on the River Ribble is even under consideration, as the Ribble is a river of such international, as well as national and local significance to wildlife that it is afforded the highest protection as a Special Protection Area under the Habitats Regulations 1994;
b) that developing thousands of new houses, businesses and infrastructure on land which is both our local green belt, and floodplain for an area considered at “significant risk” by the Environment Agency, is even under consideration;
c) that both of these options are being considered from the perspective of their commercial viability BEFORE FULL consultation with local residents and with concerned environmental organisations including the RSPB, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, the Ribble and Lancashire Fisheries Consultative Associations, and English Nature;
d) that FULL consultation should take place with all of the above BEFORE any decision is taken to pursue these options further.

With regards,
concerned residents,
Save The Ribble Campaign.

We hope every pro-river resident will be writing letters to their own councillors, adding their own voices to the rising tide of opposition to the 'Riverworks' barrage and housing proposals.


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