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Friday, April 21, 2006

Lancashire's First Community Campaigning Blog

Our ‘Save The Ribble’ blog has met with remarkable success since the first post, only 16 Days ago.

We are the first community group in Lancashire, and possibly the whole North West to publicise our campaign in this way - and it is working brilliantly!

We decided to use a blog to put forward our ideas, because of a wall of secrecy and evasiveness from local politicians and officials – by putting our ideas and arguments online, we are making sure that these people cannot pretend that they do not know about the growing local opposition to their plans to seriously disrupt our river and it’s environment, and the additional flood threat the developments will mean to our homes.

Our blog has met with both local and international acclaim. People all over Preston, Penwortham, Longton, Broadgate, Frenchwood, Walton Le Dale, Bamber Bridge, Hesketh Bank, Ribchester and the villages around the Ribble Estuary are talking about our blog. Already over 20 other blogs have posted links to ‘Save The Ribble’, our campaign is attracting anglers, bird watchers, allotment keepers, walkers, nature lovers and amateur league footballers.

We expect this number to rise even further as news gets round about the misconceived and grandiose plans of councillors and officials. These planners and developers are so out of touch with local people that they are proposing to build over local allotments, football pitches, fields, trees and quiet riverside walks enjoyed by hundreds of us, to replace them with a water sports park for jet-skiers and power boat fanatics, along with over 4000 new houses in the river's flood plain. Their plans will mean a permanently higher water level, a rise in 'run off' and an accumulation of silts that will pose an additional flood risk to homes right back up the Ribble Valley.

If you oppose these moves, then tell everyone you know about what is happening! If you run a website, post a link to our blog! Most of all, join our campaign and help us build an organised opposition to the millionaire developers and their friends in the council!

The 'Save The Ribble Campaign' are the first community campaigning group in Lancashire to use a blog to promote our message - but we will definitely not be the last!

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At 6:33 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a power boat enthusiast, having made more than a little dosh from my credit enforcement agency.

I look forward to racing up and down the ribble every summer weekend.

I have no doubt that when you Preston people look out from the windows of your squalid terraces on a Sunday morning, seeing the sleek lines of my powerful machine will give you something to aspire to - something that will persuade those of you with any intelligence that it is time you tried doing some hard work for a change.

Good luck to the Riverworks proposals - who cares about fish and birds and those who were so stupid as to buy houses in a flood plain anyway?

At 9:56 pm, Blogger Atlantic Salmon said...

Hmm....this comment says it all.

Preston City Council please note - this is the type of person your Riverworks project will attract.

At 10:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, I think he's winding you up.

I'm not decided on this development yet, but if it's only going to benefit the rich at play, then I would be against it.


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