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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Anglers Threaten Legal Action Over Ribble Barrage

Anglers are getting increasingly angry about the way Preston City Vision Board and Preston City Council are pushing forward their proposals for a barrage across the Ribble.

Ian, who works as a River Keeper on the Ribble, said in his blog "Keeper's Blog "
It's good to note the very robust attitude that the Ribble Fisheries Consultative have taken with Preston Council over this issue. The Council's Chief Exec has been left in no doubt about the strength of feeling amongst anglers that the barrage will be hugely detrimental to the river environment and that RFC will take legal action should the council proceed with its plans.

He continues
As things stand at present the plan is to conduct a feasibility study to determine cost and environmental impact and any decision about building the barrage will be taken in the light of the findings of this study. The problem is that we don't know the criteria on which the council will base their decision such as what is acceptable cost and what environmental damage will be tolerated. If this project goes ahead it could have disastrous consequences for Ribble salmon and sea trout as well as affecting course fish below Settle. Anyone with concerns about the scheme should write to the
Chief Exec of Preston Council.

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