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Friday, June 16, 2006

Lottery Bids Fail - Community Involvement is the Key to the Future

Preston City Council's bids to the Big Lottery Living Landmarks Fund to help further the Ribble Barrage and Green Belt building development proposals have failed to progress to the next stage.

As the Lottery Fund body sets a basic requirement that all successful bids must demonstrate community support and involvement, all of your letters to the Lottery Fund have clearly had an impact - well done, and thankyou, all of you.
Hopefully now PCC will sit down and talk to local people, other councils along the Ribble corridor, and environmental organisations with a vested interest in the Ribble basin, and work out a strategy for the future of this internationally important ecosystem which is truly sustainable, and benefits people and the environment, for now and for future generations.

As Preston City Council have announced they have adopted the Statement of Community Involvement in April 2006, meaning to involve the local community in formulating the Local Development Framework and in determining planning applications, we are now hoping that this will indeed be the case.
We are looking forward to hearing from Preston City Council that they will be consulting local residents and all interested parties along the Ribble corridor about our common future ...

Keep sending in your fantastic and innovative ideas for a sustainable future for the Ribble environment, including your ideas for ecotourism, which respect and preserve this unique ecosystem, and the quality of life of our local communities
- see Views from the Riverbank of a Genuinely Sustainable Future


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