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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Local Residents: Have Your Say in Local Development and Help Save the Ribble and Green Belt Now!

Local residents in Preston and South Ribble are invited by their Local Authorities to get involved in the consultations for the drawing up of the Local Development Framework for both areas.

The Local Development Frameworks are being co-ordinated by Preston and South Ribble Councils, and include plans to “facilitate the development of the river environs and are currently making the case for the development of the Ribble Corridor to be embedded in the new Regional Spatial Strategy now being prepared by Government Office North West” (Preston City Council River City Project section 3.9)

The Save The Ribble Campaign therefore urge all Ribbleside residents to get involved in the consultation process for the Local Development Framework (LDF). The LDF will be the blueprint for how the South Ribble and Preston sections of the Ribble corridor develop over the coming years, particularly in relation to the development and use of land. These documents are under construction for both Preston and South Ribble NOW.

The Consultation is in two ways:

Public Drop-In sessions –

Chorley: Tuesday 6th March in Committee Room 1, Town Hall Between 4pm - 7pm;

South Ribble: Tuesday 13th March in United Reform Church Hall, Hough Lane, Leyland between 4 – 7pm;

Preston: Wednesday 21st March in Meeting Room A, Town Hall, Preston between 4 – 7pm.

Response Form, to be completed by 30th March 2007 – so don’t delay, DO YOURS TODAY!

The Questions you are being asked are here.

Both Local Authorities have adopted the Statement of Community Involvement, which aims to involve local residents in defining the future development of their area. Organisations with a vested interest can also register.

Preston residents can register their consultation contact details with Preston City Council by email to or write to Planning Department, Preston City Council, Town Hall, Lancaster Rd, Preston PR1 2RL.

South Ribble residents can register with South Ribble Borough Council by email to or telephone 01772 625384 or write to Planning Department, South Ribble Borough Council, Civic Centre, West Paddock, Leyland PR25 1DH.

Penwortham Town Council is also drawing up the Penwortham Town Plan, and if Penwortham residents want to get involved, contact Steve or Mick at Penwortham Town Council, 01772 750533 or write to them at the Penwortham Community Centre, Kingsfold Drive, Penwortham PR1 9EQ.

Residents from other local authorities will need to get in touch with their local council to find out how they can get involved in their own Local Development Framework process.

Once you register your details, you will be included in the next round of consultation taking place over the coming weeks. This is likely to involve a questionnaire.

REGISTER NOW as the Local Development Frameworks for both Preston and South Ribble are already underway. YOU can have an input into protecting the areas which are important to you. Whilst new building of houses, commercial properties, and roads are inevitable, we can all try to ensure the places we value can remain protected from development.

Whilst the Local Development Framework is not directly involved in the proposals to merge Preston and South Ribble as a Unitary Authority, this proposed merger is also something local residents need to consider over the coming weeks. It is clear that Preston City Council view their Central Park building development and barrage as developing a “new city along an underutilised river valley that currently separates two halves of an established urban structure” (Preston City Council RiverCity Project section 3.5) thus linking together what they see as “two halves of the city” (ibid section 3.3).

We will shortly be posting an article on the blog regarding the questions we need to be asking our Local Authorities about the impact on our environment, including our River and our areas of designated Green Belt, as well as the economic and administrative impact, in the event of the merger going ahead.

Regardless of the outcome of the current thinking on unitary status, Preston City Council is placing the Riverworks development at the centre of their Regional Spatial Strategy which is directly linked in with the Local Development Framework – so get involved now!


Anyone wishing to think about some of the issues at stake in this consultation should read this Debate at Preston Lancs Forum.

UPDATE (Added 27/12/06)

To put your point of view forward to the Local Development Frameworks, if you live in Preston, South Ribble or Chorley, you will need to participate in one of the 'Central Lancashire City Public Forums' click on THIS LINK to find out more.


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