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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Appeal for Autumn Ribble Photos

The River Ribble is looking more beautiful than ever at the moment.

The trees that line the river are every shade of golden brown, from auburn, deep reds and fantastic golds, oranges and yellows.

We know that there are many photographers out there who have taken fantastic images of our river and the green cathedral of natural beauty amid which it nestles.

If you want to see your images posted online, in defence of one of England's most magnificent rivers, and most environmentally significant estuaries, please send us your photographs.

We will publish the best online, on this blog, as a way of showing the world just how beautiful and unspoiled our river is - and exactly what we could lose, should the council continue down the line indicated in its initial Riverworks proposals, where they suggest barraging the Ribble, and building thousands of houses and businesses in the Ribble floodplain/Greenbelt.

Send your photos to:

We will publish the most outstanding pictures as soon as we can...

watch this space!



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