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Monday, May 14, 2007

Radio 1 Big Weekend Preston

People lucky enough to have tickets to the Radio One Big Weekend in Preston should be finding them on their doormats today.

If you are one of the lucky people coming to Preston for this superb event, featuring bands like the Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian and the Scissor Sisters on Preston's Moor Park, why not find a contrast to the loud rock and pop music, by visiting the beautiful and peaceful banks of the River Ribble while you're here.

If you take a Preston Minibreak, you will find some beautiful green spaces, will be able to admire some well-tended allotments, see some rare birdlife and maybe even catch a football match at Vernon Carus, Penwortham Holme or Frenchwood Recreation Ground.

Under Threat

All these beautiful areas are under threat from the Preston City Council/Vision Board plans to barrage our river and build loads of housing and businesses on the Ribble's banks, part of their aggressive and environmentally unsound plans to turn Penwortham and much of South Ribble into a conurbation of Preston - they may all end up under concrete unless lcoal people and Save The Ribble can stop these irresponsible and environmentally damaging proposals - so visit them while you still can!


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