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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Preston Councillors Denounce City's 'Three Wise Monkeys' Approach To Flood Risk

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Riversway's Labour Councillors, Jack Davenport, Linda Crompton and Bhikhu Patel have been distributing a hard-hitting leaflet around the ward recently, denouncing the failure of the City Council to debate the flood risk posed by Broadgate's old and dilapidated flood defences and by the inadequate and poorly maintained storm drainage in the area.

Jack Bavenport is quoted as saying " This really shows the contempt that the Tories and Lib Dems have for the people of this City. Serious concerns were raised about the drainage system in Hull, and we have had flooding in Riversway this year for similar reasons. It seems that the interests of the people of this City take second place to the interests of private business and faceless bodies like the Preston Vision Board"

The leaflet uses a picture of recent flooding in Middleforth, taken from original material published on the 'Save The Ribble' Blog - Hey Labour Party - we don't mind people using quotes and photographs from this blog, providing they are being used to further the interests of our river and the people who live nearby - but next time please be polite enough to credit the source of your photo - The Save The Ribble Campaign!

You can read 'Save The Ribble's' coverage of the Council's decision not to debate flood risk here

You can read 'Save The Ribble's' investigation of the state of Preston's flood defences here.

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