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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Information about New Flood Warning System for Ribbleside Residents

RESIDENTS living near the River Ribble in Preston and Penwortham are to find out more about the new Floodwatch scheme which is to operate in their area.

On Thursday 29 November - TONIGHT - at the Central Area Forum at 7pm, Environment Agency officials will give more details about Floodwatch to Broadgate residents, ready for when the scheme comes into effect in and around the Broadgate area of Preston.

On Tuesday 4th December - next week - at Kingsfold Community Centre at 7pm residents of Middleforth and Lower Penwortham can find out the same information for their area.

Although the River Ribble has not experienced recent flooding problems, the Environment Agency is introducing Floodwatch in the Broadgate area of Preston and the Penwortham area of South Ribble, following the lessons learned from the severe flooding that hit other areas of the UK during the summer.

The scheme will be available in the New Year for properties in the Broadgate area. If there is a flood forecast, properties that have registered for the service will be able to receive a warning directly from the Environment Agency by telephone, text message, email, fax or pager.

As well as providing information about the service and how to register, representatives from the Environment Agency will also be asking local people to come forward with ideas to help develop a local flood plan for the area.

You can find out how to register for the scheme for your area on the Environment Agency Flood Warning website.

Councillor Jack Davenport, chair of the Central Area Forum, is encouraging local residents to attend the Broadgate meeting, and said:

"Preston has not suffered from the recent flooding on a scale that
other areas have done, but we have to be realistic and accept that
living close to a river poses a flooding risk. Floodwatch is all about
early warning and offering residents vital information about the risk
of flooding, what would happen if flooding were to occur, and what we
can all do to our homes and contents to reduce any potential problems
from flooding.

"We don't want to scare anyone and we need to put the risk into
perspective. However, we cannot afford to be complacent so it is
important that people living in and around Broadgate find out more
about Floodwatch and what it means for them.

"As well as Floodwatch, at the forum we will be asking for
people's views on council tax and where the council should be focusing
its funding in the future, so it really is an important meeting for
local people to attend."


1. The Central Area Forum meeting is taking place at 7pm on Thursday 29 November at the Gujarat Hindu Society Centre, South Meadow Lane, Preston. For a copy of the agenda, visit: the PCC website here.

The Penwortham South meeting is at 7pm on Tuesday 4th December at Kingsfold Community Centre.

2. Floodwatch is a scheme operated by the Environment Agency, a Government body that is responsible for managing river environments and assisting in the prevention of flooding. Officials from the Environment Agency will be attending the Central Area Forum to explain more about Floodwatch, which will be operating in and around the Broadgate area of Preston.

3. The Environment Agency aims to give at least two hours notice of an incoming flood. The receipt of a flood warning will give people time to take action to protect their family and their property. It's important that those at risk register for this service.

People can find out if they are at risk by calling Floodline 0845 988 1188 or by logging on to the Environment Agency website.

You can contact us at


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