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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Action Residents Can Take to Oppose the Barrage and Green Belt Building Proposals

Preston City Council has put in a bid for lottery funding to take their Riverworks options of building a barrage on the Ribble and building houses on our Green Belt a stage further.

The Council has applied to the Big Lottery Fund Living Landmarks programme for funds to pursue a full Feasibility Study (£1/2 million) with the possibility of further funding (up to £50 million) to pursue the River barrage and Central Park building options (see ).

Concerned residents are urged to write to the Big Lottery to express their opposition to Preston City Council’s proposals. The Big Lottery requires all projects which receive their funding to demonstrate community involvement and have the widest possible public support. They will therefore take the views of local residents very seriously when considering Preston City Council’s bid – so let the Big Lottery Fund know how you feel about the options to build a barrage on the Ribble and build on our Green Belt and write to them at:

Living Landmarks Fund
Big Lottery
1 Plough Place

Or e-mail

In addition residents can write to their local City or Borough Councillors, Parish Councillors and to their M.P. – express your concerns and ask them for their views.


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