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Saturday, May 27, 2006

More Tales from the Riverbank

‘My family and I take long walks with our dogs along the "tram road" and the adjacent area. I commute to work daily by bicycle along the south side of the river. There are very few traffic free cycle or walk routes near Penwortham and it looks as if there is going to be one less! Having been a Penwortham resident for over 20 years, my wife has lived in Penwortham for all her life, we are dismayed that this, one of the few remaining local areas of peace and beauty, is going to be devastated by the proposed riverside development.’
Richard and Pam,

‘I have lived in Penwortham for eighteen years, and for five of those years I have been chronically ill. For the past five months I have been on chemotherapy. Thankfully the treatment is working - but it does leave me very weak and unable to do simple every day things. On the days when I am feeling relatively well I find walking through the unspoilt area on the south bank of the Ribble very therapeutic.
Before I got ill I was a gardener and I have always got a lot of pleasure from observing the plant and animal life around the Ribble. This is an area I have enjoyed for years - both as my own son has grown up and whilst I have cared for other local children. If this is the price of Preston achieving its much vaunted “city” status then it is a price that’s way too high in my book’.
“Major Tom”, Studholme Crescent, Penwortham

'I am a single dad and I often take my four year-old son for walks and cycle rides on the banks of the Ribble. As a council tax payer in South Ribble I am livid that our council is not standing up to the megalomaniac empire building of Preston City Council. Frankly, if the town hall bosses at Preston and South Ribble are spending their days dreaming of being in charge of a conurbation the size of Liverpool or Manchester then perhaps they should consider applying for jobs at those local authorities instead of ruining the unique local environment they were elected to protect?
To paraphrase Woody Allen I am actually beginning to believe that:
"those who can't do go into politics. And those who can't do politics get jobs
with the council.
And, of course, those who can’t do anything, I think, get elected to Preston City Council." ’
“Snorlax”, Copper Beeches, Penwortham

'I have lived in Preston all my life, and am proud of being a Prestonian but I am seriously concerned about the idea of a barrage on what is a beautiful river, ruining such a unique area with crowds of daytrippers and speedboats - and as for building on all those fields and woodlands, what a crazy idea!! How many other cities - old or new - can boast of having countryside and an unspoilt river just five minutes from a busy city centre? Preston has a long history of making sure all of its citizens can access fresh air and nature - which is why we have all our parks, and this area around the river offers something different to the formal parks. Preston City Council should spend all this time and money making more areas of Preston as nice to live in, rather than ruin a unique area of countryside just a few minutes from our doors.'
Arthur, Broadgate.

‘We have just visited our relatives who live in penwortham and we have taken our 2 dogs out for a walk in the beautiful green fields near to the city. You are so priviledged to have countryside easily accessible from your city. This is a real bonus for preston. We are from Sheffield and although we are surrounded by countryside, it is a car journey away. I cannot believe that the council would want to ruin this, instead of marketing it for the gem it is. I was quite tempted to move here myself!’
Gail, Sheffield.

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