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Friday, October 20, 2006

Marine Reserves NOW! Urge your MP to Take Action!

URGENT ACTION!!! Protect OUR SEAS!!! Marine Reserves NOW!!

URGE YOUR MP TO lobby our new Prime Minister Gordon Brown to take action to instate Marine Reserves in key locations around our shores, and urge your MP to SIGN THE MARINE BILL Early Commons Motion NOW!

Marine Reserves protect key areas from damage and explitation, and enable marine species to recover their numbers - which has direct positive impacts on the populations beyond the boundaries of the Reserves themselves.

Early Day Motion 1833 –

“That this House welcomes the ongoing campaign by Wildlife and Countryside Link, a coalition of environmental organisations, including the Marine Conservation Society, the RSPB, the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, The Wildlife Trusts and WWF, for a comprehensive Marine Bill; notes the continued public and cross party political support; welcomes the publication in March of the Marine Bill White Paper A Sea Change; believes that with the utmost urgency the United Kingdom needs a new approach to managing and protecting its marine resources, wildlife and cultural heritage; that this Marine Bill must be based on a system of spatial planning to reduce conflict between the many users of these seas; believes that the Bill must include reform of inshore fisheries; further believes that, given the extraordinary richness of wildlife in UK seas, the Bill must put protection of wildlife at the heart of marine policy through measures including the designation of a network of marine conservation zones; and calls on the Prime Minister to include such a bill in the 2007 Queens Speech. “

The list of current signatories is here.

If YOUR MP is not among them, urge ACTION NOW!

Protecting our Marine environment is crucial. The River Ribble is only a part of a greater whole, and it is vital we protect this global ecosystem NOW. All life on this planet - including ourselves - relies on the health and well-being of our oceans: the key in the foodchain, the water system, the weather system - life itself.

The Ribble Estuary plays its own part in this ecosystem, not least the small fry of sea fish spend their early life in its protective intertidal nursery...

but without Marine Reserves our whole marine ecosystem is under serious threat.

Act NOW. Before it's too late.

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