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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ribble Way FootBridge

I was delighted to see this example of environmentally friendly development showcased at Gazpachot, where you can see this proposal for a Ribbleway Footbridge.

A great piece of work by Flint & Neill Partnership with Wilkinson Eyre Architects on what will be called the 'Hacking Ferry Bridge' and be placed at the confluence of the Ribble and the Calder.

This idea for a footbridge is respectful to the River, it is respectful to the wildlife and the environment, it would be a wonderful addition to the River, opening up the Ribble Way for walkers who want to enjoy an unspoiled environment. It is a beautiful piece of design, simple, elegant and eminently practical and sensible.

Little surprise then that it is NOT part of Preston City Council's Riverworks Proposals, which are characterised by their total lack of respect for the river, for the environment or for the people that live nearby, and by being expensive, overblown, misconceived and utterly irresponsible due to the threat a barrage and big housing estate would pose to the rich birdlife of the Ribble Estuary and the increased flood risk the proposals would mean for people living in the River's floodplain.

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