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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Save The Ribble at Preston FM's "I Care Day"

Save the Ribble campaigners braved the wind and rain to participate in Preston FM's 'I Care' Day today.

Despite the gales and freezing conditions, we enjoyed ourselves and got the message out to lots of new people - we did not meet a single person who was in favour of the Riverworks proposals, instead the mood of passers by and participants was overwhelmingly pro-Ribble - Preston people love their river as it is, without the interference of greedy developers and their friends in the council, without a barrage that would disrupt the river's natural tidal flow and destroy wildlife habitats, and without a huge housing estate instead of beautiful green spaces on the River's banks.

Here are some photos of the day:

A young Prestonian with the right priorities

Preston FM DJs had to hang on to the marquee to stop it from being blown away!

"I'm not cold..."

Next time, we will use permanent marker...

We huddle for shelter from the rain.

Preston's Amnesty International branch were there too.

We want to say hello to everyone we met on the day, especially all those who took leaflets and window posters!

Preston FM is a community radio station - which you can listen to online.

When you listen to Preston FM, you realise the great commitment being put in by all the people involved. They are all real Preston people who care about Preston and represent every part of the community. They do a very professional job, considering they are all volunteers and have only been broadcasting for a short time.

It's also very refreshing to hear music being presented by intelligent local people who are obsessed with music, rather than vacuous airheads who are obsessed with celebrity.

We hope Preston FM will become a permanent fixture on Lancashire's airwaves...


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