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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wildlife Trust Aiming for a Herbal Haven in Preston - and news about a film on Climate Change

The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire is through to the final stage of the Big Lottery Peoples Millions and have a five out of eight chance of securing £50,000 towards their Herbal Haven project in Deepdale in Preston.

There is a lack of good quality open space in this area of back to back terraced housing, and good quality open space will provide an important place for local people to socialise, get physical exercise, relax and enjoy the natural world. This project provides a focal area where people are encourage to meet and appreciate the environment, whereas general open space in the area does not provide a reason for people to enjoy it.

The Herbal Haven is a plan to turn derelict allotment plots into a productive community resource where local people can come along and plant herbs, fruit and vegetables. This facility will give people the opportunity to learn about the variety of herbs first hand and the multipurpose of herbs through healthy eating, holistic therapy and herbal workshops.

However, the only way their project will secure this funding is by people voting for the project TODAY!!!! the 14th November by either texting GRANADA 1 to 63330 or phoning 0870 2433801.

Herbal Haven is up against another project today and will be promoted on Granada News where viewers will be given an opportunity to vote on the project that they feel most deserves funding.

So this is where the Wildlife Trust need your help!

You can help by:
· Voting yourself
· Passing on this information to friends and colleagues and encouraging them to vote

The telephone line will be open from 9am to midnight ONLY TODAY, 14th November SO SEND YOUR TEXT OR MAKE YOUR CALL NOW!
You can also find the numbers to text and call here on:

Or in the Mirror

Please help the Wildlife Trust to secure this funding for a wonderful project. VOTE NOW – TOMORROW WILL BE TOO LATE!!!

A synopsis of what the wildlife Trust plan to do with the money (if they get it!) can be found below:

1. To create a safe, clean and accessible environment for people to grow a variety of herbs

2. To liase with a variety of groups in the area and promote opportunities for involvement to everyone in the community

3. To provide workshops and activities that complement and link to existing activities in the area

4. To provide practical sessions for people to learn how to grow herbs in back gardens

5. To encourage groups and individual to take ownership of parts of the facility so that it is looked after in to the future

6. To develop the skills within the community to grow herbs and make productive use out of what can be grown locally.

The Wildlife Trust hope to achieve:

· Improved image of the local environment, providing a focal open space that is space, clean and accessible to everyone living in the area
· Skills within the local community to look after their local environment in to the future
· Strengthened community spirit by bringing people together from different backgrounds and providing opportunities for social interaction
· Increased awareness of the importance of wildlife, organically grown local food and healthy eating
· Activities that encourage people to enjoy physical activity
· The opportunity for people to enjoy and appreciate our natural environment
· Meeting the needs of local people

However, the only way this project will secure funding from People’s Millions is by people voting for the project TODAY !!!

Text GRANADA 1 to 63330 or call 0870 2433801

VOTE NOW and pass the news on to your colleagues and friends!!


you can contact Save The Ribble Campaign at


Climate Change

How serious is climate change - for whom? And what can we do about it?
We'll have a choice of activist films and clips on climate change, like Green Gold and footage from the climate camp...
hope to see some of this and have a good discussion!

WHEN: tues 14th nov 7pm

WHERE: The Basement, under Single Step Wholefoods, Lancaster

come with questions and ideas and spread the word.....


At 4:10 pm, Blogger Matt Burge said...

Hello fellow Green Blogger,

Over at we have a poll running that we would like you to take part in if you wish.

The question runs; ‘What do you think is the best way to tackle climate change?

Hope you have time to give your views on this very important issue.



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