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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Spend a Beautiful Spring Day on the Ribble Riverbank

Fancy spending a Spring day messing about by the river instead of cooped up at work?

Then we have just the thing for you!

Local residents in South Ribble and Preston are spending Friday 8th June Spring Cleaning the Ribble's riverbanks in Penwortham and Broadgate.

Come along and give something back to our fantastic river, and have a Grand Day Out at the same time!

We will be meeting at 10am on the riverside green area behind Margaret Road, Penwortham - opposite the Continental pub and riverside BAE cricket ground, between Penwortham Old Bridge and the Preston Station railway bridge ->

- and Spring Cleaning the riverbanks until 2pm.
We will be litter-picking and removing the alien plant species Himalayan Balsam (which suppresses native British plant species), and the Environment Agency and Ribble Basin Campaign will be helping out too, and will be using special lifting gear to remove that old metal junk off the Ribble's fabulous mudflats!

If we get enough helpers, we hope to clear up good stretches of both the Penwortham and Broadgate banks, so come along for a couple of hours for a spot of messing about on the river! Bring a packed lunch and plenty to drink - and a sunhat or a raincoat, depending on the weather that day.

If you would like to join us, please email us at to let us know so we can have a good idea of the numbers of people to expect.

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