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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Barrage of Anagrams

Having read Phil Widdows blog, I decided to try out his 'Anagram Code' to find out the hidden truths that anagrams can reveal - I typed in "Preston City Council Riverworks Initiative" to an anagram generator and got "It is not very realistic, now cock it up in river" and "Vicious rotten politicians wreck tiny river", meanwhile"Ribble Tidal Barrage Scheme" got "I'm large, dire babblers cheat" and "Debacle - this barrier gamble"...

Meanwhile 'Save The Ribble Campaigner' translates as 'I'm this brave, capable Green'.

You can read more about our opposition to the Ribble Barrage here:
The Pro-Ribble Response to the Riverworks proposals

and here:
The dangers of the Riverworks Barrage and Flood Plain Housing Ideas


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