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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Bicycology Roadshow - Break the Cycle of Pollution!

Here's a big event for all those people who love to cycle along the banks of the Ribble:

The Bicycology Roadshow is arriving in Lancaster (having cycled from London) on Friday the 25th of August!

A big event for cyclists and non-cyclists alike! You don't even need to wear lycra shorts!

You can see them in Market Square from 10 until 4 (if it rains too much you will find them in the Friend's Meeting House-next to train station), with a wide range of information and entertainment.

'Dr. Bike' is there ready to provide therapy to your ailing bike, and whilst you're waiting, you can relax in the bicycology tandem-couch for a bit of Cycle-Analysis.

You should also get the chance to Watch films about bikes and the environment, play around with some pedal powered gadgets, decorate your bike, check out alternative energy supplies and sound-system.

Take a crash course in becoming a Bicycologist, and you could win yourself some wonderful bike specs, a badge, a puncture repair kit...or even a bike!
There's something for everyone, so bring kids along!!

In the evening there is an event upstairs at the Gregson - come along for more films, music, quizzes...and help celebrate the end of the bicycle tour.

Bicycology is a collective formed by riders who wanted to build on their shared experience of the 2005 G8 Bike Ride and organise future events of a similar nature.
Using creative methods to encourage environmental responsibilty.
Promoting cycling as a healthy, practical and enjoyable to high-carbon lifestyles.

I think I'll be putting on my trouser clips and pedalling over...


At 9:18 pm, Blogger Stu said...

Great blog with many interesting and informative articles.
As someone who regularly walks along the douglas (i' live near the boatyard in hesketh bank) i whole heartedly support your campaign.

Can't wait for the RSPB thing to sort it's self out at "Hesketh Out Marsh" - that will be great.

Would you like me to put a link on my blog for you?

Have a look at my blog and if you think it's relevant or interesting to your readers put a link up.

Keep up the good work



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