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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Pollution Incident At the River Ribble Below Clitheroe

Ian Fleming at Keeper's Blog has reported this Pollution incident in the River Ribble.
He reports how the pollution passed down the river from the bridge near Grindleton, and on finding high numbers of dead salmon and sea trout at the bridge near Brungerley.

He is grateful to the Environment Agency, the Ribble Fisheries Association and the Manchester Anglers for their work on monitoring and mitigating this event:

The EA together with the RFCA are monitoring the situation and doing what is necessary to minimise the impact of these incidents and we owe a debt of thanks particularly to David Hinks RFCA Chair and MAA member and his colleagues for all the time they have spent on this.

In a later post on his blog, he gives the official tally for the environmental casualties of this single incident:
the less good news is the number of fish deaths. So far the tally is:

3 eels
457 brown trout (5oz to 2lb) mostly breeding age
102 sea trout (majority 4 to 8lb but some 14lb)
16 salmon (12 to 14lb)
129 salmon parr
15 grayling (1 to 1.5lb)

If you have spotted dead fish or birds in the Ribble, or know anything more about this, or other pollution incidents, please tell us here, and make sure you also tell the Environment Agency, on their incident hotline: 0800 807060.

Let's unite together to protect our river



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