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Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Loss Adjustor - Radio 4

Did anyone listen to this play tonight on Radio 4?

Here is how it is described on the BBC Radio 4 website:

Friday Play – The Loss Adjuster
Friday 17 November
9.00-10.00pm BBC RADIO 4

Tragedy hits one family when the local river floods and their daughter is killed, in this afternoon's play, The Loss Adjuster. Neil Dudgeon (Sorted, The Street, Messiah) stars as the loss adjuster who attempts to put a value upon their possessions and discovers that corruption and cynicism lie behind the building of houses upon a floodplain.

When Gemma is killed in a flood, her parents, Susan and Paul, find different ways to cope with their grief. Susan gradually takes up a fight against the local council, whilst Paul tries to rebuild their ruined home.

Martin Reece is a loss adjuster who is dealing with the damage to their property, but he is facing his own problems. Separated from his wife, he has decided to fight for custody of their son Jo but, in order to win, he needs a job located permanently in one area. When the insurance company renege on their deal for a job, he finds himself increasingly on the side of the victims of the flood. He begins to help Susan in her campaign and, eventually, they begin an affair. But can any form of compensation make up for such terrible loss?

Claire Rushbrook (Secrets And Lies, Linda Green) stars as Susan and Shaun Dooley (Shackleton, The Street) stars as Paul.

Producer/Sally Avens

BBC Radio 4 Publicity

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