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Monday, June 04, 2007

Ribble Spring Clean!

What fantastic weather we are having, now a rather cold and wet May has given way to flaming June
- so why not take Friday off, have another long weekend while the weather lasts, and spend a few hours by the riverbank!

Our Ribble Spring Clean is this Friday, 8th June, so come down to the Ribble and give something back to our beautiful river!

And the Ribble is looking fantastic, lush greenery and cool water, bird song and butterflies...

We will be litter-picking and removing the invasive Himalayan Balsam - before it seeds! - and the Ribble Basin Campaign, Environment Agency and Lancashire County Council will be helping by providing grabber sticks, gloves, bags and skips - and bringing grappling equipment to remove that old metal junk off our fabulous mudflats!

We are meeting at 10am on the riverbank behind Margaret Road in Penwortham - on the opposite bank from the Continental and the cricket ground in Broadgate - and Spring Cleaning until 2pm. Bring your own lunch, plenty to drink - and sunblock and a hat if it's as hot as it is today!

If you can come along and join other Ribbleside residents with our Ribble Spring Clean, please email us at or just turn up on the day - see you there!

And as well as our Spring Clean, we have other exciting Ribbleside events coming up this summer - including a "Ribble Way Walk to Brockholes Wetland" in August as part of the Ribble Coast & Wetlands Walking Festival - so watch this space for how you can join us messing about by the river...

Just yesterday, many dozens of Ribbleside residents were lazing by the river - and we counted over 30 swimming in the river between Fishwick Bottoms and Avenham Park!

We would lose all this if a barrage was built on the Ribble, preventing our river from following its natural tidal behaviour and encasing miles of riverbank in concrete for boat moorings... and we would have to go elsewhere for our peace and tranquillity, and quality time with our families, leaving our beautiful river to be spoilt by the noise and pollution of a water sports facility.
Speedboat sports are fine - in the right place: the Ribble is NOT the right place!

The Ribble IS the right place for walking, fishing, cycling, canoeing, horseriding, birdwatching - and swimming! - but not for jetskis and speedboats.

Just yesterday by the riverbank...

Long Live the Ribble Wild!

...or as a certain League of Gentlemen would have it...

thanks Aidan!



At 8:22 pm, Blogger Riversider said...

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At 8:24 pm, Blogger Riversider said...

This post brought back memories for 'Bluenoser' at, he said:

"I grew up on Victoria Rd when it was the main A6 Glasgow to London, the banks of the Ribble was our playground, the thing that brought the memories back was the photo of the swan, I remember being chased by one of the damn things back in the fourties, we must have thrown somethng at it. The Bridge Inn pub was there and after the war we had our bonfire in the car park on Nov 5th, there used to be an old disused gas work just down from the pub, at the back of Victoria Rd was allotments and further back market gardens all the way back to the Darwin, Hennel Lane was just that a lane, there were two air raid shelters at what is now called the Grove. The Atkinson factpry wasn't there then that was much later, we used to swim from a big rock down from I think is now Riverside, just down from the bridge and across from the Shawes Arms.
Is the short cut from Frenchwood down to the bridge still there? It was a little paved path, there used to be a quarry on London Rd between the bridge and Frenchwood with all the machinery still there it was all disused at that time but we used to play there, it's a wonder no-one was killed.
Well I could go on and on but enough is enough."

At 2:11 am, Anonymous Joanne said...

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