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Monday, January 21, 2008

Broadgate Flood Risk Meeting This Thursday, & Flooding & further Flood Warnings on the Rivers Ribble, Darwin, Douglas, and Hodder This Week...

Local residents in Broadgate are invited to a Flood Risk meeting at the Gujarat Centre on South Meadow Lane this Thursday evening 24th January at 7pm.

This meeting has been organised by the local councillors for the Broadgate area as they are concerned that a number of local residents are not aware of the new flood warning system which was recently launched by the Environment Agency for the Broadgate area, and missed out on the previous meeting about this issue.

It is hoped that officers from the Environment Agency will be present to explain the new warning system and the flood risk issues for the Broadgate area, how local people can best protect their homes, and how you can find out more about the benefits of registering for the warning scheme.

click on the poster to enlarge it for more details...

A large number of residents are already very concerned about the levels and speed of the river this week, given the high rainfall and Spring Tides due for this week, the flooding already occurring across the area, including in Walton-le-Dale and by the Tickled Trout, plus further upriver at Ribchester, the river was already over onto Miller Park and the floodplain areas behind Margaret Road in Penwortham on Monday at low tide and a number of properties throughout the Lower Ribble are sandbagging their front doors just in case.

Flood Warnings are currently in force for the Upper Ribble and Lower Ribble, and the Rivers Hodder, Darwin, Yarrow and Lostock, and Douglas, (all of which then run into the Ribble), and areas under the Environment Agency warning include Walton-le-Dale and Preston, Ribchester, Settle, Gisburn, Clitheroe, from Whittle-Le-Woods and Chorley to Croston including Leyland, Coppull, Eccleston, Lostock Hall and Bamber Bridge, Salmesbury, Rufford, Mawdesley, Hesketh and Longton, Southport, Banks, and Crossens, from Tuesday 21st onwards, so check the Environment Agency's Flood Warning list if you are concerned your area may be at risk.

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