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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Walk the Ribbleside Country Park on Sunday 18th May!

view towards Preston from the South Ribble Country Park - 5 minutes walk from Preston City centre!

To celebrate the newly-designated South Ribble Country Park, local residents are organising a walk for this coming Sunday, 18th May, so join us for a ramble by the Ribble!

Setting off from the Tram Bridge over the River Ribble (joining Avenham & Miller Parks with the new South Ribble Country Park!!) at 2pm, we will be exploring a number of the area's important wildlife habitats including the Ribble and its riverbanks, meadows and marshlands, Preston Junction Local Nature Reserve, and ancient woodland...

...where the bluebells are still in flower and the woods are filled with birdsong.

Come and join us and celebrate the long-term protection from development this fantastic resource now has.

Full details are as follows, and see map below:

Meeting point: Tram Bridge over the River Ribble (between Avenham & Miller Parks and South Ribble Country Park).

Leaving at: 2pm.

Route: Walking downriver alongside the River Ribble to Preston Junction Nature Reserve then walking down the LNR to meet Footpath 77 at Carr Wood, walking past the meadows (& Carr Wood sewage works!) and then into Carr Wood ancient woodland, rejoining FP 77 to the River Darwen, following the Darwen to its confluence with the River Ribble, following the Ribble downriver a short while then heading south-west across Mains House Farm to the Old Tram Road, and finally walking back northwards along the Old Tram Road and finishing back at the Tram Bridge.

Expected time: approximately 3 hours altogether, although there will be opportunity for some people to finish after approximately an hour and a half if the weather is inclement/children are getting tired.

Terrain: footpaths good to bumpy in places, muddy on occasion, a couple of stiles, WHEELS NOT ADVISABLE (bikes, wheelchairs, or pushchairs).
Although there is nothing to stop you meeting us on the Tram Bridge at 2pm to join in the celebrations before setting off on your own wheely walk along the River Ribble or down the Old Tram Road, both of which are wheely friendly! Why miss out on a fabulous May Day by the Ribble?!

2pm on Tram Bridge here >
you can click on the map to enlarge it

You can contact us at


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