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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Severn Barrage Update

The controversial proposal to build a barrage on the River Severn is still in the pipeline.

Like the Ribble, the Severn is a crucially important intertidal river to the UK and Europe's Wetland Ecosystems - not to mention the World as huge numbers of birds globally rely on these crucial wetlands for over-wintering migrations AND for breeding sites.

And like the Ribble, the Severn has huge support OPPOSING the costly and ruinous absurdity of a barrage.

Yes, we DO need to increase our provision of renewable energy. But NO, it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to DESTROY ONE PART OF THE ENVIRONMENT TO "SAVE" THE ENVIRONMENT!!!

River Barrages are costly and destructive and UNSUSTAINABLE.

Our Wetlands are crucially important and irreplaceable.

Alternative, SUSTAINABLE, and cost-effective renewable energy schemes - such as Tidal Lagoons do exist. It's time to start thinking outside the barrage.

Visit the Save Our Severn Blog for more information, and SIGN THE SEVERN PETITION NOW!

Our intertidal rivers are vitally important - and under threat from developers and ill-conceived schemes which claim to "save" the environment but which will destroy these vital ecosystems forever.

Don't let it happen.

Save the Severn.

Act now.

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