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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fracking: News, Events, free film showing of Gasland, and WHAT YOU CAN DO: UPDATE

The North West fracking issue featured on Granada reports NW England Regional News at 6pm Thursday 1st September, where significant concerns were discussed about the fracking problem in the North West, including by a leading academic.

There is a public event at Manor Farm, Hesketh Bank, Near Southport, Lancashire the weekend of 16th - 17th - 18th September:

What is fracking?: The process – called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking - involves pumping a mixture of water, sand and drilling fluids at high pressure into the rock, to split it apart and release the natural gas it contains.

This process has already, in its relatively short history, caused a great deal of controversy, due to environmental problems and risks posed to human health, including water contamination and higher rates of air pollution than that of coal production.

And now ‘fracking’ has recently begun in the UK – starting with several sites near Blackpool.

Camp Frack Info

What: The camp will include a day of workshops on shale gas, and on planning an ongoing national campaign against it. It will involve raising local awareness about the problems with shale gas and an a_ction day of peaceful protest mainly focused on the nearby active drilling rig, but we also hope to have the option of expeditions to take the message out to Blackpool and Preston as well.

Where: Manor Farm, Hesketh Bank, Near Southport, Lancashire.

When: 16th - 18th September

For details see

More information:

websites for info:


And if you haven't seen Josh Fox's Oscar-nominated film Gaslands yet, there's a FREE showing at The Continental, South Meadow Lane, Preston PR1 8JP on Monday 12 September 7.30 pm.

Don't miss it - it's a REAL eye-opener.

'Gasland' - gas shale exploitation and its impact - Monday 12 September 7.30 pm – FREE.


Concerned about Fracking along the Ribble Estuary?

Send your OBJECTION to Lancashire County Council by 14th September:
You can do it by email - takes no time at all.


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