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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Fracking along the Ribble 'likely cause' of tremors, and protestors tell Cuadrilla to Frack Off

Frack Off protestors invaded the Cuadrilla fracking site at Hesketh Bank and Banks this morning, climbing the drilling rig in a protest against Shale Gas extraction in Lancashire, on a day when a report commissioned by Cuadrilla itself announced that it is "highly probable" that shale gas test drilling triggered earth tremors in Lancashire.

Of course it isn't "just" the potential risk of earth tremors that concern people about shale gas extraction, it's the potential risks of water contamination by a cocktail of toxic chemicals, and the small matter that shale gas extraction is as far away from reducing our national carbon emmissions as other fossil fuel extraction and use is.

"In a separate protest as part of a day of action against the controversial extraction method, 50 anti-fracking activists gathered outside the Copthorne Tara hotel in Kensington, west London, from around 3pm in an attempt to disrupt an industry conference organised by SMI international.

Demonstrators dressed in yellow fire hazard suits they shouted chants including: "Flaming water from out tap, we don't want this Fracking crap." The Guardian.

We've been told there is a PUBLIC MEETING organised by Cuadrilla, who have invited residents to a meeting this Friday 4th November.

If anyone would like to attend here are the details:
Public question and answer meeting
Friday 4 Nov 6.15pm onwards
he Roman Catholic Church Hall
152 Hesketh Lane

If there's any change to these details, we'll let you know.

For more on the report and the Frack Off protest, see the Guardian news coverage here, and the Lancashire Evening Post,  and the UK Frack Off campaign here, and the Lancashire Frack Off campaign here.


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