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Friday, November 16, 2007

Urgent Action Needed to Protect Communities from Flooding

A report has been published by the Local Government Association (LGA) today which claims that 'Action is needed "urgently"' to protect communities and infrastructure against flooding across the country.

'The chairman of the LGA's environment board, Paul Bettison, said the summer floods had caused "carnage" and "ruined the lives of thousands of people" as well as costing billions.'

The LGA argue that there urgently needs to be 'more investment in flood defences and drainage' - and that the three years Local Councils will have to wait to see the money pledged by the Government for these measures "is simply too long to wait".

"There is no guarantee we will not see a repeat of the heavy rainfall which led to that flooding, and so it is vital we start improving our systems and defences as soon as possible.

"The government provided additional funding to deal with the clean-up operation over the summer. The prime minister's decision to invest more in flood defences was also a positive move, but three years is simply too long to wait."

The LGA also called for 'incentives for householders to take their own precautions, stronger requirements for utility companies to safeguard key facilities like pumping stations and tougher controls on building on flood plains.'

Local people in South Ribble and Preston have been arguing for the protection of all our remaining floodplain from development to ensure our communities continue to see the benefits these vital flood defence areas give us;

- we have been arguing for the protection and further creation of wetland and floodplain areas to protect communities from flooding - as well as provide fantastic new outdoor facilities for local people and visitors;

- we have also been arguing against increasing our floodrisk by barraging nature's most effective flood defence which safely channels the huge amounts of rainfall (including our land drains) out to sea - our River!

- and we have been urging action be taken to bring the flood defences in our area up to scratch by replacing the post and panel flood defences in Broadgate - which have been termed "inadequate" by the Environment Agency - with more effective structures as soon as possible. With a little thought, the replacement flood defences could also incorporate a raised walkway to allow a better view of the River!

The inadequate post and panel flood defences in Broadgate

For the full story on how our communities are being left vulnerable to flooding, see the BBC News.

Don't forget the Public Meeting about Riverworks on Tuesday 20th November, from 7-9pm in Rooms A & B at Preston Town Hall.

See you there!

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