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Friday, July 04, 2008

Ribbleside Flooding Issues

We note with interest the latest article on the new Broadgate is Great blog about the Environment Agency's forthcoming repairs to the Broadgate Flood Defence walls alongside the River Ribble in Preston.

The River Ribble in Broadgate and the flood defence walls - photo courtesy of Broadgate is Great

Click on this Broadgate is Great link to read more about local residents' concerns and the Environment Agency's proposals.

We of course welcome repairs to these defences as local residents have raised their concerns about the state of the Broadgate flood defences for some time now, and we also look forward to seeing what the long-term proposals are for these walls as we understand they will eventually be replaced.

It is the case that there are a number of issues currently floating around (pun intended) in respect of flooding - and we are currently working on a new article which draws together a number of the issues raised by the Environment Agency's Ribble Catchment Flood Management Plan, the Ribble Strategic Flood Risk Assessment, the long-term proposals for mitigating against flooding along the River Ribble which focus on sustainable means of protection against flooding in terms of economic, community, and environmental implications, and the recent Pitt Report into the need to take flood mitigation measures seriously... so watch this space!

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