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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Walk on the Wild side - Celebrating the new South Ribble Country Park!

Ribbleside residents turned out in force last Sunday to celebrate the newly designated South Ribble County Park.

Around 30 residents set out from the Old Tram Bridge in Avenham Park and walked across the Country Park taking in the River Ribble...

...Preston Junction Nature Reserve...

...local meadows, woodlands, and wetlands...

...and Carr Wood Ancient Woodland where they found the last of the Spring bluebells...

Residents were celebrating the future security of the internationally protected free flowing, inter-tidal River Ribble and the surrounding green belt and floodplain.
On the walk they also met up with the Lancashire County Council Park Rangers who manage Preston Junction Nature Reserve and who were cycling around the area.

Jane Brunning from the Save the Ribble Campaign started the walk off at the Tram Bridge with a celebratory speech, while the youngest member of the group cast a flower into the flowing waters and proclaimed something close to all Ribblesiders hearts...

“Long live the Ribble, wild and free!”

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