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A blog dedicated to preserving the beauty and delicate ecosystem of the River Ribble, and opposing the Riverworks 'vision' to build a barrage on our River and develop on our riverbanks, floodplains and green spaces, causing damage to wildlife and the environment and increasing the risk of flooding to our homes. Save the Ribble Campaign is not responsible for the content of external blogs or websites which link here.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Lucky 13 - Ribble Blog Recognized

The Save The Ribble Blog has been given national recognition: In a list of the Top 100 'Green Blogs' we come in at number 13.

This is an incredible achievement given the high quality of some of the blogs and bloggers lower down the list, the short time that we have been blogging (only for the last 9 months) and the local focus of our blog in what is a list featuring bloggers from all over the UK. It feels amazing to be ranked alongside the likes of Peter Tatchell and George Monbiot

Judges from the 'Daily (Maybe) Blog marked each blog out of ten on the following 10 areas: design; frequency of posting; writing ability; personality; comment; humour; range; interaction; popularity and independence of thought, we don't yet know what scores we got in each area, and we think we dropped a couple of points on design by using the rather ubiquitous 'Son of Moto' blog template, but we definitely must be doing something right!

What The Judges Thought

Here is what JimJay of the Daily Maybe said about our blog:

Jim Jay said...
What I liked about the save the ribble blog that it was a genuinely group effort, and connected directly to action - but more than that as a formally single issue blog it still had variety and range, which is why it is (I think) the highest ranked single issue blog.

I think it might also be the highest blog using "Son of Moto" - make of that what you will

Reigh Belisama's Reaction


Over 90 Save The Ribble Campaigners in a walk beside the Ribble to celebrate the launch of our blog and protest against the Riverworks proposals, nearly 9 months ago

This accolade will strengthen our resolve to keep blogging, to continue resisting irresponsible and dangerous council proposals that aim to barrage the River Ribble and build a massive housing estate in its' floodplain, and to continue to give a voice to all those people who love their local river. With more readers and people posting comments every day, we know our blog and our campaign will go from strength to strength (and we are sticking with 'Son Of Moto' - it works for us).



At 9:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A brilliant result for your efforts on behalf of us all that benefit and enjoy life in the 'Ribble Basin'. Well done!

Sea Fishing and Walking in the UK

At 9:53 pm, Blogger Riversider said...

Thanks Stu, I bet when they make a list of the top 100 angling blogs, yours will be near the top too!

At 4:56 pm, Blogger Earthpal said...

Well done on your ranking!

I have many happy memories of family picnics by the River Ribble near Ribchester so good luck with your ongoing campaign.

And what a lovely blog! You have some beautiful pictures here.


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