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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wildlife Walk on Ribbleside with the Preston Society

Hard day at work? Not enough quality time in the evening? Then come for an evening amble on Ribbleside with the Preston Birdwatching & Natural History Society on Monday 21st July at 7pm.

They are leaving the Tram Bridge over the River Ribble where Avenham Park meets the new South Ribble Country Park at 7pm, and walking south across the country park through the trees towards Vernon's Lodge area.
But don't worry if you're a few minutes late as they walk very slowly!

There will be wildlife to see, birdsong and flowing Ribble waters to hear, and fresh air to breathe - and a number of wildlife experts to point out wildlife of interest along the way! What better way to unwind after a long day!

They expect to be back by the River Ribble by 9.15pm - but you can leave as early as you wish and make your own way back.

And in another few weeks will be able to end your evening rambles by the Ribble at the New Continental pub, can't wait!

Find out more about the Preston Birdwatching & Natural History Society here.

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