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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Worldwide Blog Coverage For "Save The Ribble"

The 'Save The Ribble' blog has had a big impact since we started it 4 months ago, and not just in the corridoors and smoke filled rooms of Preston Town Hall.

Bloggers all over the world are interested in our technique of using blogging to publicise our campaign. They are inspired by the beauty of the River Ribble, and by the commitment displayed by local people to keeping its banks green and beautiful, its mudflats a muddy paradise for wading birds and other wildlife and the tidal flow of the river unimpeded as it goes down to the sea.

See 'Trashing a Monet' below

Here are a few of the 98 (so far) blogs that have recently linked to the 'Save The Ribble' Campaign:

Jane Perrone at Horticultural is an allotment keeper who was interested in our report on the Penwortham Holme Allotments

Jane writes:
I've been meaning to write about this blog for ages - it's a campaign to save the beauty of the River Ribble in Preston from a "development" (I use the word with heavy irony) scheme. The plan includes the rather wonderful sounding Penwortham Holme allotments that are packed full of wildlife and are situated close to the river.

There are loads of reasons why these plots should be saved - not least because there have been allotments there since 1913, and because the land is a natural flood defence.

The same article was covered by The Joyful Gardener

Camden Kiwi is a 'Green blogger' who hosted the recent Fortieth Edition of the Carnival of the Green where she linked to our article A guide to the pro-Ribble response to the Preston Riverworks Proposals.

The Carnival of Community Campaigns at Humantide covers the question Will Ribbleside residents voices be heard?

The Owners Manual links to our post Tales from the Riverbank

Railbridge at high tide from Avenham & Miller Park

Random Thoughts Notes and Incidents covers our report on the Riverworks Housing Sums that don't add up in the Second Edition of the Carnival of the Decline of Democracy

a development going into an environmentally sensitive area where all local government agrees there is an "over-supply" of housing.

More of our coverage of Preston City Council Politics is linked to by The Disillusioned Kid who hosts the 42nd Carnival of the Green which features our report on The Vague Promises of Preston Riversway Councillors

The 'Dave's Not Here' Blog covers our Ribble Pub Debate Primer at His Showcase Carnival

The Carnival of Socialism covers our Letter To Local Councillors this is what they said about the letter:

Save the Ribble gives a clear example of local activism. a sample letter to city councillors ... explains the issue and also serves as a model for how to affect concrete change at the local level.

Even pagans are linking to us: the Carnival of Paganism picked up our report Sikh's Seek Ribble Funeral Permission, the same article being linked to by the "North West Enquirer's" North West Blogwatch which keeps an eye on many of the best Blogs from the North West of England.

The poetry posted on these pages has caused ripples too: The Carnival of Part Time Poets featuring the excellent pro-Ribble poem 'Trashing a Monet' The French Poet, Jonathon Penetti warns;
They will drown it in concrete,
They will pave paradise,
To the green tree tunnel
It will be 'Au revoir'
To be left with the housing scar,
All will be left with,
Is memories,

The full poem is here: Pictures, Poems and Songs from the Riverbank

I have to mention here the excellent page of beautiful Ribble Photographs put together and posted at - I am inspired every time I look at them.

There are so many blogs linking to us, that many have been left out here - we appreciate every link that we get, as it helps us reach new supporters and build our campaign - if you have a blog or a website, why not put up a link to our site?

UPDATE 6th September

The Westmorland Gazette has recommended 'Save The Ribble' as a good site for people thinking about which university to choose - we hope plenty of Cumbrian students decide to support our campaign as a result!

UPDATE 27th October

Birdwatchers, twitchers and avian enthusiasts of all kinds have noticed our blog, and included it in the 'I and The Bird' Blog Carnival at Migrations a blog by a biologist with a special interest in avifauna.



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