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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Ribble Wildlife Walks and Talks

Ok, so this summer is pretty much a washout again, but when the sun does shine, grab your shoes and head down to the Ribble - or grab your brolly and go anyway because the Ribble is beautiful whatever the weather!

A particularly interesting series of events are coming up, starting
this Wednesday, 3rd September
- a Herbal Health Walk.

We've been told that 'two lovely herbalists will be leading a walk to enjoy the fresh air and scenery and to look at some of the herbs that grow wild in the Avenham Park area and surrounding countryside.'

They are meeting at 2 p.m. at the new Avenham Pavilion, which is looking pretty much finished now, down by the river.

But if it carries on raining until October, don't worry because the Preston Birdwatching and Natural History Society have announced their new season of talks, beginning at the end of September...

Most of the Preston Society talks take place at St. Mary's Church Hall, Cop Lane, Penwortham, (100 metres from the Liverpool Road traffic lights near the Fleece Inn) but a few are in an alternative venue further down Cop Lane.

Best of all, a number of the talks are directly connected to our Ribble wildlife!! - so check out their website for full details, but look out for:

"Life and Colour in our Northern Coastal Waters" on October 13th 7.30pm St. Leonard's Hall, Marshall's Brow (at the bottom end of Cop Lane, Penwortham);

"Gravel to Grebes" - How Brockholes Wetland is coming along!
December 8th St. Leonard's, 7.30pm;

"A Year in Bowland" - yes, Bowland wildlife and Ribble wildlife are often connected, from breeding Lapwings to the Harriers who breed on Bowland but hunt the entire Ribble corridor - and beyond!
January 26th in St. Mary's Church Hall, Cop Lane 7.30pm;

"A Year at Marshside" February 23rd, St Mary's, 7.30pm;
- another must-see, but make sure you also get down to Marshside in person too!

plus many other talks on "Waterworld", "Migration", and various Birdlife and Wildlife from local, national and international perspectives.

Happy Ribbling, wellies and all!

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