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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Brocks Needs Us! Brockholes Wetland Needs Us - and so do our Badgers...!

Brockholes Wetland - saved from development four years ago by the determination and generosity of local people and members of the Wildlife Trust, and by the sheer hard graft of the Wildlife Trust itself - needs a little extra push to realise the final phase of a truly first-class nature reserve.

Work has been going on tirelessly at Brockholes, enhancing the habitat range and biodiversity of the site, and it is already showing huge dividends in the sheer numbers of bird, insect, flora and fauna already thriving on the site. But as the Wildlife Trust point out, "Our wildlife needs more reedbeds, more meadows and more wetland habitats if it is to be safe here forever".

Funding is being tightly squeezed for the Wildlife Trust, but they want to see their vision for a truly first-class wildlife reserve realised, and are asking for donations to ensure they can provide:

•Wildlife habitat creation to further increase biodiversity at Brockholes

•Plant further reed beds for smaller birds and wetland wildlife

•A family friendly hide (where children can be noisy!)

•Give children an adventurous outdoor play trail

You can donate online at the Wildlife Trust here;

and if you donate on Monday 6th December, the Wildlife Trust can double the donation with match funding from an organisation called The Big Give.
If you'd like the Wildlife Trust to send you a reminder on 6th December, email Emma Bailie at

Any donation you can make to this final appeal will help ensure Brockholes Wetland can achieve everything we dreamed of, to make this fantastic wildlife habitat the best it can be.  
Donate what you can to Brockholes Wetland's final phase - even small amounts will produce huge results - especially on 6th December!

You can find out more about the Wildlife Trust's fantastic work at Brockholes Wetland here

and join in another Wildlife Trust campaign - against the Badger Cull - here because tackling Bovine TB requires a more positive approach, not the destruction of our Badgers - as the evidence shows this will NOT help and may actually make matters worse.

Save Our Badgers!

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